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Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee consists of a chairperson, the SWOWEA past president, and a vice-chairperson, the SWOWEA president. The auditing committee directs an annual review of all section financial transactions and balances with bank statements for the preceding year. The auditing committee also assists the treasurer in reporting the annual review in a report to OWEA.

Dave Wilson
BL Anderson
8887 Eagle Ridge Court
West Chester, OH 45069

Awards Committee (co-chairs)

The Awards Committee solicits nominations for each award set forth in the OWEA Rules and Regulations and makes a recommended selection of the nominations to the Executive Committee for approval. The approved nominations are presented to the OWEA Awards Committee by the Awards Committee Chairperson.

Roger Rardain
City of Fairborn, OH
6920 Upper Valley Rd.
Huber Heights, OH 45424

Collection Systems Committee

The Collections Systems Committee provides the membership with information regarding the maintenance, operations, and importance of collection systems, with emphasis in the areas of technology, regulations, funding, public relations, and safety. The Collection Systems Committee coordinates an annual Hands-On Workshop within the Southwest section footprint in conjunction with the State OWEA Collections Committee. Our Southwest committee also supports the State committee in organizing an annual Collections Seminar in Central Ohio. In 2019 we facilitated a SWOWEA Section meeting with a collections focus – a tradition we look to continue. Finally, from time to time, we have coordinated local educational and social gatherings of Collection Systems professionals.

Dan Martin
RA Consultants, LLC
4250 Creek Road
Cincinnati, OH 45241
513-469-2684 fax

Members include: Tom Brankamp, Strand Associates| Justin Mason, EES| Brandon Raybourne, CDM Smith| Glenn Weist, Dynotech| Michael York, CDM Smith| Ed Smith, City of Mason| David White, WadeTrim| Keith Bair, Brown & Caldwell| Tim Pringle, Hazen and Sawyer| Rick Miller, FTC&H| Ross Horvath, Hazen and Sawyer| Jared Hutchins, Black & Veatch| Jeff Blair, Greene County| Jason Abbott, Arcadis| Heather Spurlino, liquiForce

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee's duties include review and analysis of State and Federal legislation in water pollution control and related fields, and to provide timely assistance to the Section Executive Committee in matters related to Section activity in this area. This Committee recommends topics for the Section Programs.

Jason Tincu
Green County Sanitary Engineering
667 Dayton-Xenia Rd.
Xenia, OH 45385

Industrial Waste Committee (Co-Chairs)

The Industrial Waste Committee directs its efforts toward the study and the resolution of issues associated with the proper management of industrial wastes with the goal of waste minimization and pollution prevention. The Committee also sponsors industrial wastes seminars and workshops.

Barb Swafford
Gerken Swafford Engineering Solutions, LLC
3291 Morgan Ross Road
Hamilton, OH 45013

Jeff Frechtling
Butler County Water & Sewer
130 High St.
Hamilton, OH

Members include: Gene Allen, City of Harrison| Tom Banks, Hohman Plating & Mfg, LLC| Andrew Brougham, MSDGC| Jeff Frechtling, Butler County Water & Sewer| Tony Hardin, ElectroPolish| Will Martin, Hazen and Sawyer| Barb Swafford, Gerken Swafford Engineering Solutions, LLC

Laboratory Analysis Committee (Co-Chairs)

The Laboratory Analysis Committee organizes quarterly meetings to help promote high quality analysis at wastewater treatment facilities. These meetings are meant to improve communications between different wastewater facilities and with the Ohio EPA. The committee strives to promote professionalism by keeping laboratory personnel abreast of training, and informed of any changes in the EPA's approved methods and regulations. The committee invites speakers from wastewater facilities, laboratory equipment and testing suppliers, and the Ohio EPA to present on laboratory related topics. The committee works to get educational contact hours approved by OEPA for these meetings to help wastewater treatment staff maintain their various licenses. There is no charge to attend LAC meetings and we encourage both OWEA members and non-members to attend.

Jim Davis
Montgomery County Environmental Lab
4257 Dryden Road
Dayton, OH 45439
937-299-9042 fax

Lori Kyle

Members include: Craig Clements, City of Fairfield| Gregg Mitchell, City of Sidney| Roger Rardain, City of Fairborn| Teresa Shinkle, Greene County| Rob Smith, YSI

Membership Committee (Co-Chairs)

The Membership Committee is charged with the formulation and implementation of policies and programs to increase and maintain the membership of the Section. It conceives programs of service which by their nature maintain an increased interest in the activities of the Section. Emphasis is given to incorporating multiple professional disciplines in the Committee membership.

David Reinker
City of Miamisburg
9139 Dayton Cincinnati Parkway
Miamisburg, OH 45342

Lindsey Hassenauer
Hazen and Sawyer
7870 E. Kemper Rd, Suite 300
Cincinnati, OH 45249

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee consists of the three most recent past section presidents, with the most recent past president acting as chairperson of the committee. The nominating committee nominates candidates for the offices of the president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and directors in accordance with the section rules and regulations.

Dave Wilson
BL Anderson
8887 Eagle Ridge Court
West Chester, OH 45069

Personnel Education Committee

The Personnel Education Committee recommends section meeting technical speakers to the Program Committee. They are also responsible for gathering and disseminating information regarding technical programs and educational opportunities available to the members. For all Section-sponsored training, the Chairperson is responsible for administering the required continuing education contact hour forms, forwarding completed forms to the appropriate agency, and maintaining records (or arranging for the maintenance of records) for the Section.

Brandon Leeth
National Water
(812) 569-9240>

Plant Operations Committee (Co-Chairs)

The Plant Operations Committee directs its efforts toward the study of activities associated with the treatment and management of municipal wastewater and residuals. The Committee recommends to the Program Committee wastewater and residual management subjects or papers for consideration to be presented at the Annual OWEA State Conference. The Committee sponsors several Plant Operations Seminars each year.

Alyssa Mayer
Hazen and Sawyer
7870 E Kemper Rd #300
Cincinnati, OH 45249

Bryan McNutt
City of Middletown
300 Oxford State Rd
Middletown OH 45042

Program Committee

The Program Committee prepares the technical, business and social programs for the meetings, obtains program speakers, and in other matters assists the Secretary.

Keith Heffner
1600 Gest Street
Cincinnati, OH 45204
(513) 325-2797>

Public Education Committee

The Public Education Committee is responsible for public awareness and public education programs. It promotes activities of the Section and its members through use of the media. This Committee also coordinates student related programs including science fair programs, press releases and general articles of interest.

Kevin Stilwell
American Structurepoint
4700 Ashwood Drive, Suite 145
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Members include: Tommy Brennan, Ulliman Schutte| Ken Kamper, Wade Trim| Karen Tenore, City of Dayton| Michael York, CDM Smith| Karii MacCune, Clermont County| Chuck Dragga, retired

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee provides guidance and assistance to ensure all Association publications maintain the highest standards, and ensure a technical review of all articles.

Justin Bahar
1600 Gest Street
Cincinnati, OH 45204
(513) 801-3458>

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee directs its efforts toward formulating objectives, programs and policies in the interest of safety concerning the construction, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants and collection systems.

Travis Cooper
City of Hamilton
345 High Street
Hamilton, OH 45011

Ted Simmons

Watershed Committee

The Watershed Committee follows current trends and regulatory issues related to watershed management. The Committee provides guidance to the members on watershed issues and recommends subjects or papers to the Program Committee for Section Meetings and the Annual OWEA State Conference.

Joseph Kamalesh

Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals Committee promotes the involvement of people who are new to the wastewater industry by providing opportunities to interact while learning more about the OWEA, SWOWEA, and the entire wastewater field. Members are typically 35 years old or younger.

Pooja Chari

Members include: Dempsey Ballou, Jacobs | Chad Cercle, Black and Veatch | Pooja Chari, FTCH | Travis Cooper, City of Dayton | Lindsey Hassenauer, Hazen and Sawyer | Sarah Hunt, Arcadis | Ashley Hrin, Black and Veatch | Matthew Kallerud, Carollo | Nick Jones, MSDGC | Emily Mazur, City of Dayton | Kevin Meyer, GSP | Alyssa Ramsey, Jacobs | Diya Salloum, Raftelis | Vilas Sarsani, Mixing Systems | Sheamus Togher, Hazen and Sawyer | Kristen VonderBrink, RA Consultants | Amy West, Brown and Caldwell | Chris Zdinak, MSDGC