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Industry Award
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Committee News:

Presentations from the 2018 Industrial Waste seminar:
  • Ohio EPA Environmental Update
  • Making Safety a Priority
  • Center for Innovative Food Technology - Introduction and Overview
  • astewater Pretreatment at Electropolish - Hunter Building
  • OCAPP Services and Business Outreach
  • Coldwater, MI Plan to Take on Additional Industrial Flow
  • Electrocoagulation (EC) by Powell Water

    Presentations from the 2017 Industrial Waste seminar:
  • Ohio EPA Environmental Update
  • Amalgam Waste Disposal and Green Dentistry in the Dental Office
  • Exhibitor Product Demonstration - Triple Clear
  • Municipal Industrial Pretreatment Program
  • Industrial Pretreatment at Standard Aero
  • Exhibitor Product Demonstration PRO-pHx
  • Food Processing Wastewater Treatment…It’s a Lot More than Just Flow
  • Chemical and Biological Removal of Phosphorus to Minimize Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB)

    Presentations from the 2016 Industrial Waste seminar:
  • Ohio EPA Environmental Update
  • Accelerated Lagoon Sludge Digestion Using Biostimulation
  • Energy Upgrades and Performance Contracting
  • Recovery and Beneficial Reuse of Waste from Food and Beverage Companies
  • Managing our Wastewater System while Meeting our Customers’ Demands
  • Handling Modern Trash – Modern Collection Systems Solids Handling Challenges/Energy Savings Advancements

    Presentations from the 2015 Industrial Waste seminar:
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Novel Application of Polyethelenimine Dithiocarbamate
  • Green Infrastructure - Stormwater Reduction and Treatment
  • Technical Justification for Establishing High-Strength Surcharge Rates
  • Converting Waste and Wastewater in One Reactor towards Clean Water and Biogas
  • Industrial Process Water Treatment and Reclamation
  • Ten Year Performance Study for Air Ionized Odor Control
  • EPA Engagement - Water Technology Cluster Organization, Confluence, and More
  • Overhauling a Permanent Flow Monitoring Program Group
  • Green Infrastructure Overview

    Presentations from the 2014 Industrial Waste seminar:
  • Ohio EPA Presentation
  • Success with Center-lining at Wausau Paper Towels & Tissues WWTP
  • Analytical Instrumentation for Wastewater Monitoring
  • Flow Proportional Sampling Techniques
  • Cooperative Success Story New SIU
  • Hauled Waste
  • Vibration Analysis Overview
  • Vibration Analysis Overview Handout
  • Overhauling a Permanent Flow Monitoring Program Group
  • Green Infrastructure Overview

    We have members from the US EPA, wastewater consulting and engineering firms, laboratory services, POTW's, and industry. As long as your area of expertise is industrial wastewater, you will have something in common with everyone on the committee.

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    Committee Members

    Jim Albertz
    Alberz Engineering, LLC
    3621 Vineyard Ridge
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
    513-368-9791 voice
    937-742-4444 fax
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    Gene Allen
    City of Harrison
    10999 Campbell Road
    Harrison, OH 45030

    Tom Banks
    Hohman Plating
    814 Hillrose Avenue
    Dayton, OH 45404

    Andrew Brougham
    1600 Gest Street
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45204

    Jeff Frechtling
    11353 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 500
    Cincinnati, OH 45241

    Will Martin
    Hazen and Sawyer
    7870 East Kemper Road, Suite 300
    Cincinnati, OH 45249

    Doug Grosse
    DWG Consultants LLC
    7595 Shawnee Run Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45243br>
    513-569-7676 fax
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    Tony Hardin
    332 Vermont Avenue
    Dayton, OH 45404

    Barb Swafford
    Gerken Swafford Engineering Solutions, LLC
    3291 Morgan Ross Road
    Hamilton, OH 45013

    Sharon Vaughn, CHAIR
    City of Dayton
    Division of Wastewater Treatment
    2800 Guthrie Road
    Dayton, Ohio 45418
    937-333-1826 fax
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